Electrode Wire Extension Pack (Hip pack)

Fremaco’s Electrode Wire Extension Pack is used while carrying out electrical potential surveying (Direct Current Voltage Gradient) of buried pipelines. Shaped to be comfortably worn on a waist belt It carries the standard roll of 1600 metres (1 mile) of #30 enameled copper wire. 


The lightweight, plastic case of the Hip pack is shaped to comfortably fit on a waist belt with its distance counter clearly visible on the top.

The wire unwinds axially to eliminate the troublesome brushes and bearings needed for rotary unspooling. With this system, the tension on the wire is not causing the heavy roll to spin, so the chances of breakage are greatly reduced.  Re-threading is simple. Click here for the exact steps. The correct pattern is also printed inside. All the guides for the wire are ceramic to reduce wear, and are easily replaced if needed. 

For operation, the counter is reset to zero with a rotary knob. A large window allows the amount of wire on the spool to be seen. The instruments plug into a convenient banana jack. This jack is connected to a wire clamp that provides electrical contact to the roll tail. 

Fremaco Electrode Wire Extension Pack - Carrying Handle PhotoCustom handles

We also manufacture custom handles, brackets and layouts to dispense the trail wire. These allow the Electrode wire extension pack, probe handle and other equipment to be carried in one package. Customization enables the perfect equipment package be created to suit the particular field conditions and equipment employed. 

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599.00 CAD