Fremaco Hip Chain 2.0 Threading Instructions

Release the metal clasp on top of your device. The case will open like a clamshell.


Install a roll of FREMACO measuring fibre by slipping the base rim of the cone into the grooves in the belt loop side of the case. The base of the cone will be firmly gripped by these grooves and other claws once the case closes.

Find the end of the measuring fibre, double the end and twist it together to make a stiffened end. 

Pass this end through the eyelet in the belt-side of the case, upwards as shown in the drawing.

Next, pass it through the eyelet on the friction shoe and lead the thread around the edge of the measuring wheel 3 times. The wheel should begin to turn as the thread loop grips it.

On the third wrap, pass the end back through the same eyelet and then out the exit eyelet which is near the reset knob.

Begin closing the case as you pull the measuring fibre out the exit hole. You should begin to see the thread pulling smoothly off the cone and the measuring wheel will begin to turn. You should not need to move the friction shoe away from the wheel, the thread will slip in under the shoe as the wheel starts to turn.

AS YOU CLOSE THE CASE, look to see that the cone gripping claws of the outer side of the caser pass by the end of the thread cone to grab the rim of the cone without snagging the  thread windings as they pass by. Occaisionally the thread has been wound too closely to the gripped end of the cone to be properly held. In this rare situation, the bulk of thread can be slipped down the cone by banging the tip firmly on a flat surface. This works best with the wrapper still on the thread. Start with a small impact and work up to a harder hit until it moves slightly. Take care not to slip it off the end of the cone!



Latch the case. 


To keep the end of the thread handy, take it up and over the top. A snagging washer is located on the outer surface of the case. The thread will lay across over the counter window where it is easy to see and pick up.


Tie off the thread to a tree or other object, walk the place where you want to start measuring while you check that everything is working properly. Then reset the counter to zero and begin your measuring walk.