Electrode Extension Wire Pack Reloading Instructions

Follow these steps to reload your Electrode Extension Wire Pack:

  1. To open the case, release the metal catches at both ends of the unit.
  2. The spool of wire is held in place by the large black tightening knob that projects from the rear of the case. Unscrewing this knob allows the roll to be removed. The spindle in the center of the spool can be slipped out and placed in the center of a new spool. The new spool may then be replaced and the knob tightened.
  3.  ( Newer versions no longer use this mount. The roll just drops in.)

    Please note: Cracks or nicks in the end flanges of the spool may cause the wire to snag as it pull out. Be sure that the new spool is in good condition before installing it.
  4. The “tail” or inner end of the spool should be connected to the black binding post after removing the insulating lacquer with a burning match.
  5. Free a few turns of wire off the spool and pass the end through the large brass ring in the flat plate. 
  6. Mounted on the inside of the top front half of the case is a second, smaller ring. Thread the wire through this towards the third ring in the front corner of the top. 
  7. After threading the wire through this ring you may follow the threading diagram printed inside the top. There are two adjustable tensioning assemblies and the wheel that does the measuring. The wire passes between the shiny disks of the tensioners and wraps around the measuring wheel once. 
  8. To lead the wire out the back of the case there are two guides. The first is mounted centrally near the measuring wheel and the final ring in the rear corner. Pass the wire through these and close the case while pulling the slack wire out. Check that the wire has begun to come out and that the counter is turning. The case may then be latched closed.
  9. The counter can now be reset to 0000.0 metres by rotating the knob at the top. Your voltmeter plugs into the banana socket on the back of the counter cover. At the rear of the unit there is a dished washer that provides a place to lodge the free end of the wire when it is not in use.


The tensioners are adjustable but they should be set very lightly so that the wire pulls out easily without stripping off the insulation. The small guide rings are easily replaced if they show signs of wear. For replacement parts, service or help, contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have. Thanks!


Warranty and Service

These Fremaco products carry a 1 year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. If you are returning a product to us for servicing, please read this page carefully.