8 Tips to Improve Your Distance Measurement

Fremaco's Chaining Buddy and FieldRanger are designed from top to the bottom for distance measuring work in rough country. We regularly factory-test our accuracy to ensure that all components meet standards. 

Hipchain measurement can not be as precise as optical techniques, but it is much better suited to certain types of work, such as where line-of-sight is not possible. Also, the use of good quality, un-waxed thread is very important to the accuracy of this type of measuring.

Here are 8 ways to get maximum accuracy with your Chaining Buddy or FieldRanger:

  1. Try not to wander off your line as you proceed along your bearing. The thread tends to average out deviations side to side and up and down, but it helps to be careful. 
  2. Watch out for wind effects. Crosswinds can pull out more thread than usual and a higher tension setting may be needed. Working upwind may have the same effect, while downwind the thread is carried along with you and it may lengthen the measure slightly. In these conditions, the more the thread is anchored by snagging on the trees you pass, the better.
  3. If you are working on a slope, your distances will have to be adjusted to plot them accurately on a map. A slope correction chart is provided at the bottom of the Fieldranger instruction sheet.
  4. Tie the thread on somewhere ahead of where you start your measurement so that the thread is running well when you reset to zero to begin measuring.
  5. Check your thread tension regularly. Some substandard thread types produce a great deal of lint and this can build up in the tensioner. Waxed threads are also not recommended. When re-loading, check that the tensioner is free of lint buildups and is applying sufficient pressure on the thread so that the measuring wheel is gripped. Too much pressure may add to the lint build up or cause the thread to release unevenly in surges. 
  6. Pass the thread only once through the tensioner as shown on the printed diagram. If you find the thread is climbing out of the grip of the tensioner this can be corrected by threading the tensioner clockwise.
  7. Do not wrap the measuring wheel with more than four passes of thread. This can cause a jerking as the thread pulls out and it will reduce accuracy.
  8. Check that the roll is positioned properly. It should be pressed fully on the roll holder and the narrow end of the cone should point towards the first eyelet when the case is closed. If it is out of alignment, the thread will jerk near the end of the roll from catching on the cone tip.


Warranty and Service

These Fremaco products carry a 1 year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. If you are returning a product to us for servicing, please read this page carefully.