At Fremaco we manufacture a variety of equipment used by field crews surveying in rugged terrain. Our main products are Hipchains and electrode wire dispensers.

HipChains measure distances as you walk while your hands remain free to do other tasks. Distance travelled, even in a heavily forested environment, is accurately measured without requiring a GPS signal by a fine, disposable sewing thread which acts like a cross between a very long tape measure and your car's odometer.  Mounted on your waist belt, the filament trails out of the hipchain while it turns the reset-able distance counter.  Perfect for laying out logging trails or other forestry work. The thread also acts as a visible trail-mark for the reference of follow-on workers cutting trees or sampling.

Wire dispensers are for DCVG surveys of pipelines or other buried metal structures. This process assesses the electric potential gradients of buried pipelines and their integrity by paying out a fine copper grounding wire while providing an electrical connection to the wire and displaying information of distance covered. 

Electrode Wire Extension Pack  (wire pack) comes in in two forms, either the well known hip pack or the new split-box style. The new technology of 3D printing allows the making of custom orders of small quantities of the complex, sturdy components which are required. They can be customized to perfectly suit the field crews environments and requirements.

For over thirty years customers around the world have relied on Fremaco products. During 2018, our new HipChain 2.0 will replace our older products, Chaining Buddy and FieldRanger 6500.

Fremaco Store

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HipChain 2.0

Our new HipChain 2.0 is designed to be simple to use and light to carry. The new, slim 5000 metre thread cone allows a slim profile close to your body for working amongst dense forest. With a capacity of 5000 metres of thread on a cone, this special cones base interlocks with the outer shell eliminating heavy mounting hardware. The counter's reset knob is conveniently mounted at the rear with a wide flange allowing reset from from the top or side. Easy to re-thread, with a sturdy plastic body and metal components only where you need them for a long service life.

135.00 CAD

Refills (3 types)

Fremaco offers high-quality replacement thread designed to maintain the accuracy of your Chaining Buddy and Hipchain 2.0. We stock polyester thread, which is mostly commonly used. The polyester thread is a man-made fibre that is lint-free and breaks down by the weathering action of oxygen and sunlight. (photodegradation). If your requirements are for cotton can also special order this bio-degradable thread. Please contact us for any type of special order.

3.79 CAD

2500 m roll adapter

Purchase this adapter so that you can use 2500 m rolls in the Hipchain 2.0. 

14.99 CAD

Fieldranger thread, 4 pack with adapter

Fieldranger was a popular measurer that is no longer in production. For those who wish to continue to use them and want to buy refills, the 5000 metre cones for Hipchain 2.0, will work but the user must change the roll support. A free replacement roll support is included in a special 4 pack of cones. 

18.36 CAD

Electrode Wire Extension Pack (Hip pack)

Fremaco’s Electrode Wire Extension Pack is used while carrying out electrical potential surveying (Direct Current Voltage Gradient) of buried pipelines. Shaped to be comfortably worn on a waist belt It carries the standard roll of 1600 metres (1 mile) of #30 enameled copper wire. 

599.00 CAD

Split-box wire dispenser

This box shaped case splits down the middle allowing full access to the inside for re-loading. It can be set up with belt-clips or a hanger that clips onto with the Fremaco data probe bracket. Mounting the coil of wire vertically is best when the unit is mounted on the survey pole. 

579.00 CAD


Fremaco supplies brackets that allow the wire dispenser and the datalogger to be mounted on the data probe. The datalogger is displayed at a convenient angle and held in place by tightening the hand-strap under the "T" shaped platform. The platform is supported by a short, steel side arm.

The wire dispenser is easily un-clipped from the bracket and carried by the hanger if the user needs to use it as a separate piece.

99.00 CAD