Thread refills, 2 sizes, white or coloured

Our 5 kilometer cones are refills for Hipchain 2.0. Our thread is custom-made to fit and operate perfectly in our products. Avoid substitutes. We stock polyester thread, which is mostly commonly used for this application.

We also carry smaller 2500 metre rolls. These fit the older Chaining Buddy measurer. Hipchain 2.0 can be altered with the roll adapter kit to use these small rolls. They are available in either white or red colour. Use the selector button to chose the thread size you require. 

Polyester thread is a man-made fibre that is lint-free and breaks down by the weathering action of oxygen and sunlight. (photodegradation). If your requirements are for cotton you can also special order this bio-degradable thread. Please contact us for any type of special order.

4.59 CAD
Thread type: 
5000 m white polyester